" Our vision is to empower individuals to believe and achieve in reaching their dreams with relentless effort."

Mateo Melendez and Tabius Reed launched Tribalfit Athletica in December of 2019. Coming from humble beginnings, the two were born in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. At the start of their freshman year of highschool, the two hungry entrepreneurs started to notice the latest fashion trends causing a buzz around school at the time and knew they needed to get their foot in the door. That's when the idea of Tribalfit Athletica came to life. The pair had a vision to create a premium activewear line that was tailored for durability, quality, and comfort in mind. The idea to originally start Tribalfit Athletica was to raise extra money and help the families of the the pair but, that would eventually turn to much more. Utilizing social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok the pair were able to start to garnish a loyal following that would believe in their message.

(Pictured: Left Tabius Reed , Right Mateo Melendez. Nashville, TN 2018)

" When I was 15, I moved in with my dad due to unfortunate circumstances with my mother. Tabius and I went to different high schools about 2 hours from each other. We communicated daily through social media, text message, facetime ,etc. Since we both went to different schools, this helped us build and expand our network and we were able to put together what we felt would be the most premium and stylish product on the market. We took advantage of our situation and didn't look at it as a negative thing. Of course it was difficult trying to put together a solid blueprint together when you aren't face to face with your partner on a daily basis and communication is limited but, we knew we wanted more in life. Growing up in a small town can make you feel like your network and dreams are limited or restricted. When you come from nothing, that's what motivates the hustle. That's what makes you work harder than anyone else because you know what it feels like to have nothing and come from the bottom."

(Pictured: Original Tribalfit Athletica logo designs and sketches from high school)

(Pictured: First ever Tribalfit shipment, November 2019)

Why us?

Tribalfit Athletica offers Premium Activewear for Men & Women. Our products are designed with quality, comfort, and durability in mind. We wanted to introduce products that could really make you feel like your represent something much greater. It's our commitment to you to utilize the most premium fabrics on the market that is guaranteed to outperform in the gym or on a day out. Every product we send out is 100% quality inspected before it arrives at your doorstep.